What You Should Know About Law Enforcement and Police Challenge Coins

28 Mar

A very creative and innovative method of honoring the dedication and bravery of the people who serve and protect is through the use of law enforcement challenge coins. These challenge coins are usually given like tokens of identity and appreciation to a particular unit’s members and also help in boosting morale.

These coins usually vary in thickness and diameter and can be customized to meet the specs of the department. These police challenge coins can be made in different sizes and shapes, from oval or square to coins that look like dog tags. You can even be creative and come up with badge shaped coins. The finish used in these coins includes antique, bronze, gold, silver and nickel. You can add depth and color by using a printed insert with epoxy coating or colored enamel fills. 

These law enforcement challenge coins have grown in popularity to the extent that some of the top municipal agencies have started their challenge coin programs. The supporters of these coins state a few reasons why these police challenge coins have grown in popularity among most of the organizations. Other than being a unique method of showing appreciation, these coins are a great public relations piece and an advertising tool or an organization. They help in commemorating milestones and celebrating anniversaries. Also, they have the collector’s item appeal and an excellent source of encouragement. Be sure to view here!

Police challenged coins are a great way of giving back to the law enforcement society for all the sacrifices they make daily. Challenge coins are additionally presented to the officers during training and are used in strengthening the partnerships between the police and all charities that they support. 

Throughout the years, military coins have evolved from simple designs to more colorful and complex options. This is mainly attributed to the innovations in the manufacturing technique that have become perfect throughout the years. Among the earliest challenge coins that existed were the simple brass coin with very faint emblems and text that was barely discernible. The modern coins are nowadays manufactured in fashionable ways allowing each one to display a three-dimensional image that resembles the details in the real currency.  Check this website to know more!

All the elements of custom coins can now be customized to suit all individual preferences. Some favorite features of the challenge coins made in the past ten years include specialty edging, photographic inserts, numbering, that allow actual pictures to be attached on one or the two sides of the coin. Find interesting facts at https://www.encyclopedia.com/history/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/coins-and-medals for more details about challenge coin.

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